Combinatorial Abstractions of Dynamical Systems

  title={Combinatorial Abstractions of Dynamical Systems},
  author={Rafael Wisniewski},
Formal verification has been successfully developed in computer science for verifying combinatorial classes of models and specifications. In like manner, formal verification methods have been developed for dynamical systems. However, the verification of system properties, such as safety, is based on reachability calculations, which are the sources of insurmountable complexity. This talk addresses indirect verification methods, which are based on abstracting the dynamical systems by models of… 



Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems - A Symbolic Approach

This book addresses problems of verification and controller synthesis for hybrid systems by systematic presentation of classes of hybrid systems that admit symbolic or finite models along with the relationships between the hybrid systems and the corresponding symbolic models.

A Counterexample-Guided Approach to Parameter Synthesis for Linear Hybrid Automata

This work proposes an adaptation of counterexample-guided abstraction refinement (CEGAR) with which one can obtain an underapproximation of the set of good parameters using linear programming and identifies a syntactic condition for which the approach is complete.

A Lyapunov approach to incremental stability properties

  • D. Angeli
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Trans. Autom. Control.
  • 2002
The aim is to present a framework for understanding questions of incremental stability fully compatible with the well-known input-to-state stability approach.

A Differential Lyapunov Framework for Contraction Analysis

The paper provides an analog theorem for incremental stability analysis by lifting the Lyapunov function to the tangent bundle and endows the state-space with a Finsler structure.

Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems

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Relation between metric spaces and Finsler spaces

Automatic verification of finite-state concurrent systems using temporal logic specifications

It is argued that this technique can provide a practical alternative to manual proof construction or use of a mechanical theorem prover for verifying many finite-state concurrent systems.