Combinations of Bright Light, Scheduled Dark, Sunglasses, and Melatonin to Facilitate Circadian Entrainment to Night Shift Work

  title={Combinations of Bright Light, Scheduled Dark, Sunglasses, and Melatonin to Facilitate Circadian Entrainment to Night Shift Work},
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Various combinations of interventions were used to phase-delay circadian rhythms to correct their misalignment with night work and day sleep. Young participants (median age = 22, n= 67) participated in 5 consecutive simulated night shifts (2300 to 0700) and then slept at home (0830 to 1530) in darkened bedrooms. Participants wore sunglasses with normal or dark lenses (transmission 15% or 2%) when outside during the day. Participants took placebo or melatonin (1.8 mg sustained release) before… Expand
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