Combination of linkage and association studies for brain arteriovenous malformation.

  title={Combination of linkage and association studies for brain arteriovenous malformation.},
  author={Sumiko Inoue and Wanyang Liu and Kayoko Inoue and Youhei Mineharu and Katsunobu Takenaka and Hiroyasu Yamakawa and Masamitsu Abe and Jafar J. Jafar and Roman Herzig and Akio Koizumi},
  volume={38 4},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Genetic factors for brain arteriovenous malformation are unexplored because of the low incidence of familial cases, albeit local and familial clustering. We used a combination of a linkage study and an association study to explore the genetic background. METHODS A genome-wide linkage analysis was performed in 12 patients from 6 unrelated families using the GENEHUNTER program. A genome-wide association analysis of 26 cases and 30 controls was performed using a GeneChip… CONTINUE READING

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