Combination lithium and divalproex sodium in pediatric bipolarity.

  title={Combination lithium and divalproex sodium in pediatric bipolarity.},
  author={Robert L. Findling and Nora Mcnamara and Barbara L. Gracious and Eric A Youngstrom and Robert J Stansbrey and Michael D. Reed and Christine A. Demeter and Lisa A Branicky and Kathryn E Fisher and Joseph R. Calabrese},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry},
  volume={42 8},
OBJECTIVE Lithium carbonate (Li) or divalproex sodium (DVPX) may be effective for some juveniles with bipolar disorder. Many youths with bipolar disorder do not respond to DVPX or Li monotherapy. An open-label study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of combination DVPX and Li therapy with youths diagnosed with bipolar disorder. METHOD Patients meeting DSM-IV criteria for bipolar I or bipolar II disorder, ages 5 to 17 years, were treated prospectively for up to 20 weeks with DVPX + Li… CONTINUE READING

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