Combination B 7-Fc Fusion ProteinTreatment and Treg Cell

  title={Combination B 7-Fc Fusion ProteinTreatment and Treg Cell},
  author={Aihong Liu and Peisheng Hu and LeslieA. Khawli and Alan L. Epstein},
Purpose: A B7.1fusion protein consisting of the extracellular domains of human B7.1and the Fc portion of human IgG1, called B7.1-Fc, was generated and evaluated for its antitumor potential when used alone or in combination with regulatoryT (Treg) cell depletion. Methods: A human B7.1-Fc fusion protein was constructed, expressed, purified, and examined for its antitumor activity in experimental mouse tumor models. Results: Soluble B7.1-Fc showed costimulatory activity ofT-cell proliferation in… CONTINUE READING