Combating bacteria

  • Published 2007 in BDJ


and aggressive chemicals to combat the risk of bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi, is available for the fi rst time in the UK from Cannon Ecafl o, a division of hygiene company Cannon. Ecafl o devices harness electro-chemical activation technology (ECA) to produce a highly effective Ecasol solution which combats potentially deadly microbes. These are a constant threat in both private and public healthcare facilities, in particular dental surgeries where the risk of contaminated water lines and the build up of biofi lm is high due to the micro-bore water supply systems used. The Ecafl o dental system is effective against all known spores and microorganisms including Legionella and MRSA. It works by passing a precisely formulated salt-water solution through a specially developed, fl ow-through electrolytic reactor which creates an intense electrical fi eld. This results in the instant transformation of the solution into a powerful, biocidal solution. Reader response number 51 Combating bacteria

DOI: 10.1038/bdj.2007.96

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