Combating Coups d’état in Africa, 1950–2014

  title={Combating Coups d’{\'e}tat in Africa, 1950–2014},
  author={J. Powell and Trace Lasley and R. Schiel},
  journal={Studies in Comparative International Development},
  • J. Powell, Trace Lasley, R. Schiel
  • Published 2016
  • Economics
  • Studies in Comparative International Development
  • Recent years have seen African militaries attempt coups in virtually every geographic region, from Egypt to Lesotho and Guinea to Madagascar. They have targeted established democracies, infantile democratic experiments, increasingly authoritarian executives, power vacuums brought on by leader death, and—most recently in Burundi—leaders attempting to circumvent constitutional limitations on their tenure. These continuing acts perpetrated against regimes with such varied backdrops suggests that… CONTINUE READING
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