Combatants, not bandits: the status of rebels in Islamic law

  title={Combatants, not bandits: the status of rebels in Islamic law},
  author={Sadia Tabassum},
  journal={International Review of the Red Cross},
  pages={121 - 139}
  • S. Tabassum
  • Published 1 March 2011
  • Political Science
  • International Review of the Red Cross
Abstract The Islamic law on rebellion offers a comprehensive code for regulating the conduct of hostilities in non-international armed conflicts and thus it can be used as a model for improving the contemporary international legal regime. It not only provides an objective criterion for ascertaining existence of armed conflict but also recognizes the combatant status for rebels and the necessary corollaries of their de facto authority in the territory under their control. Thus it helps reduce… 
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However, they can be targeted if they directly participate in hostilities

    The basis for this obligation is that, even after rebellion, the rebels are deemed to be Muslims

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    The same principle applies to any treaty of the central government with non-Muslims for military support against Muslim rebels

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    Ibn Qudamah says: 'When rebels appoint a judge who is qualified for the post, his legal position is similar to the judge of the central government

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