Column agglutination technology: the antiglobulin test.

  title={Column agglutination technology: the antiglobulin test.},
  author={Kate Reis and R Chachowski and Alexander Cupido and Derek Davies and James P Jakway and T M Setcavage},
  volume={33 8},
A new system for typing and screening blood, based on the sieving effect of glass bead microparticles, has been developed. The test is performed in a microcolumn in which the red cell agglutinates are trapped in the glass bead matrix during centrifugation, and unagglutinated cells form a pellet at the bottom of the column. Anti-human globulin reagents were incorporated in the diluent and the new test system, column agglutination technology, was compared to conventional tube tests and low-ionic… CONTINUE READING