Colposcopic accuracy of obstetrics and gynecology residents.

  title={Colposcopic accuracy of obstetrics and gynecology residents.},
  author={Margaret E Baum and Janet S Rader and Randall Gibb and Rebecca P McAlister and Matthew Powell and David G. Mutch and Feng Gao and J. D. Wright},
  journal={Gynecologic oncology},
  volume={103 3},
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to determine the accuracy of gynecology residents' colposcopic impressions. METHODS A retrospective review of colposcopic examinations was performed. Colposcopic impressions were compared to cervical biopsy and the results stratified by level of residency training. kappa Statistics were calculated to determine the strength of correlation between impression and biopsy results. RESULTS Agreement within one-step between cervical histology and the… CONTINUE READING


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