Coloured Petri nets for multilevel, multiscale and multidimensional modelling of biological systems

  title={Coloured Petri nets for multilevel, multiscale and multidimensional modelling of biological systems},
  author={Fei Liu and Monika Heiner and David R. Gilbert},
  journal={Briefings in Bioinformatics},
  pages={877 - 886}
Abstract Owing to the availability of data of one biological phenomenon at different levels/scales, modelling of biological systems is moving from single level/scale to multiple levels/scales, which introduces a number of challenges. Coloured Petri nets (ColPNs) have been successfully applied to multilevel, multiscale and multidimensional modelling of some biological systems, addressing many of these challenges. In this article, we first review the basics of ColPNs and some popular extensions… 

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