Colour image enhancement by virtual histogram approach


This paper introduces a new hybrid image enhancement approach driven by both global and local processes on luminance and chrominance components of the image. This approach, based on the parameter-controlled virtual histogram distribution method, can enhance simultaneously the overall contrast and the sharpness of an image. The approach also increases the visibility of specified portions or aspects of the image whilst better maintaining image colour. The approach was compared with other well-known image enhancement techniques. The experimental results have shown the superiority of the proposed approach. Index Terms — Image processing, image enhancement.

DOI: 10.1109/TCE.2010.5505991

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@article{Xu2010ColourIE, title={Colour image enhancement by virtual histogram approach}, author={Zhengya Xu and Hong Ren Wu and Xinghuo Yu and Bin Qiu}, journal={IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics}, year={2010}, volume={56}, pages={704-712} }