Colour development of immunogold-labelled antibodies for light microscopy

  title={Colour development of immunogold-labelled antibodies for light microscopy},
  author={Peter J Fritz and J. Hoenes and J{\"u}rg Schenk and Anette Mischlinski and A. A. Grau and Johannes Georg Saal and H. V. Tuczek and Hinke Arnolda Multhaupt and Gerhard Pfleiderer},
We describe an improvement of the immunogold technique, which is based on the colour development of silver-intensified immunogold signals. This method (referred to as the coloured-SIG technique) was found to be as sensitive as the silver-intensified immunogold method and more sensitive (in two of the three tested systems) than immunoenzymatic procedures, such as the peroxidase/antiperoxidase technique or the avidin-biotin system. The coloured SIG-method results in either a magneta-red or a cyan… CONTINUE READING