Colour-changing karyotyping: an alternative to M-FISH/SKY

  title={Colour-changing karyotyping: an alternative to M-FISH/SKY},
  author={Octavian Ioan Henegariu and Nyla A. Heerema and Patricia Bray-Ward and David C. Ward},
  journal={Nature Genetics},
nature genetics • volume 23 • november 1999 263 We have developed an alternative multicolour karyotyping technique, called colour-changing karyotyping (CCK). Compared with other procedures1–4, CCK uses only 3 fluorescent dyes to discriminate up to 41 different DNA probes when each probe is labelled with no more than 3 fluorescentor hapten-modified nucleotides. Unlike combined binary ratio-FISH (COBRAFISH) or cross-species colour segmenting, CCK discriminates the chromosomes not by ratio… CONTINUE READING