Colostral immunoglobulin transfer in calves. III. Amount of absorption.

  title={Colostral immunoglobulin transfer in calves. III. Amount of absorption.},
  author={G H Stott and David Marx and B E Menefee and G T Nightengale},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={62 12},
Amount of colostrum fed and age at first feeding are the two major factors in determining maximum immunoglobulin concentration in serum for each immunoglobulin class in postcolostral calves. Both factors show linear response: increasing age, decreasing concentration; increasing amount fed up to 2 liters, increasing concentration. The two factors interact in a curvilinear response. Calves with initial feeding at progressively older ages need less colostrum to reach maximum absorption. Maximum… CONTINUE READING