Colostral immunoglobulin transfer in calves II. The rate of absorption.

  title={Colostral immunoglobulin transfer in calves II. The rate of absorption.},
  author={G H Stott and David Marx and B E Menefee and G T Nightengale},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={62 11},
The rate and pattern of colostral immunoglobulin absorption, based upon increase in concentration of immunoglobulin in serum in calves, has been determined from the interaction of three factors: starting age of colostral feeding, amount of colostrum fed, and time after feeding. All immunoglobulin classes show common characteristics of absorption following a rapid transfer during the first 4 h after feeding. An analysis of three-dimensional response surface for each of the three immunoglobulin… CONTINUE READING
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