Coloring Cross-Intersecting Families

  title={Coloring Cross-Intersecting Families},
  author={D. Cherkashin},
  journal={Electron. J. Comb.},
  • D. Cherkashin
  • Published 2018
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Electron. J. Comb.
  • Intersecting and cross-intersecting families usually appear in extremal combinatorics in the vein of the Erd{\H o}s--Ko--Rado theorem. On the other hand, P.~Erd{\H o}s and L.~Lov{\'a}sz in the noted paper~\cite{EL} posed problems on coloring intersecting families as a restriction of classical hypergraph coloring problems to a special class of hypergraphs. This note deals with the mentioned coloring problems stated for cross-intersecting families. 
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