Colorimetric determination of cell numbers by Janus green staining.

  title={Colorimetric determination of cell numbers by Janus green staining.},
  author={G{\"u}nther Raspotnig and Guenter Fauler and A Jantscher and Werner Windischhofer and Klemens Schachl and Hans J{\"o}rg Leis},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={275 1},
A colorimetric assay using the basic azo dye Janus green has been developed to assess cell numbers in anchorage-dependent cell cultures, with special regard to the enumeration of osteoblastic cells. Therefore, cells are fixed in ethanol and stained with a 0.2% solution of Janus green for 3 min, followed by a destaining step of 1 min in tap water. The addition of diluted hydrochloric acid easily and immediately leads to dye elution from stained cell layers into the acidic supernatant which… CONTINUE READING