[Colorectal screening program--participation of general gynecologists].


AIM Colorectal screening program in the Czech republic in 2011 offers faecal occult blood test (FOBT) yearly in the age of 50-54. Patient over 55 years of age chooses either a FOBT once in 2 years or primary screening colonoscopy once in 10 years without using FOBT. There are different types of FOBT in our screening program: quaiac tests, immunochemical tests unquantitative and quantitative tests. The role of general practitioners was enhanced by participation of the gynecologists in the colorectal cancer screening program due to low compliance of population. Alternative ways of distribution of FOBT to the patients are being considered as well. CONCLUSION Participation of general gynecologists in the Czech colorectal cancer screening program is connected with a great expectation. We would like to achieve such compliance in colorectal cancer screening as there is in the screening of gynecological tumors. Using a right method of screening could play an important role in this process.

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