Colorectal cancer screening in Australia: a community-level perspective.

  title={Colorectal cancer screening in Australia: a community-level perspective.},
  author={Ryan J. Courtney and Christine Louise Paul and Robert W. Sanson-Fisher and Finlay A. Macrae and Mariko Leanne Carey and John R Attia and Mark Mcevoy},
  journal={The Medical journal of Australia},
  volume={196 8},
OBJECTIVES To determine current colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates and the level of adherence to screening guidelines @a community level. SETTING A cross-sectional cohort of at-risk people aged 56-88 years randomly selected from the Hunter Community Study (HCS), Australia. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Proportion ever reporting undertaking any CRC testing; current screening rates for each CRC screening modality; level of screening in accordance with national screening guidelines. RESULTS Of… CONTINUE READING