Colorectal-cancer incidence and mortality with screening flexible sigmoidoscopy.

  title={Colorectal-cancer incidence and mortality with screening flexible sigmoidoscopy.},
  author={Robert E. Schoen and Paul F. Pinsky and Joel L. Weissfeld and Lance A Yokochi and Timothy Robert Church and Adeyinka O Laiyemo and Robert S. Bresalier and Gerald L. Andriole and Saundra S. Buys and E. David Crawford and Mona Fouad and Claudine Isaacs and Christine Cole Johnson and Douglas J. Reding and Barbara O'Brien and Danielle Mercatante Carrick and Patrick W. Wright and Thomas L. Riley and Mark P Purdue and Grant Izmirlian and Barnett S. Kramer and Anthony B. Miller and John K. Gohagan and Philip C Prorok and C. T. van den Berg},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={366 25},
BACKGROUND The benefits of endoscopic testing for colorectal-cancer screening are uncertain. We evaluated the effect of screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy on colorectal-cancer incidence and mortality. METHODS From 1993 through 2001, we randomly assigned 154,900 men and women 55 to 74 years of age either to screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy, with a repeat screening at 3 or 5 years, or to usual care. Cases of colorectal cancer and deaths from the disease were ascertained. RESULTS Of… CONTINUE READING
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