Colorado Benefits Management System (C): Seven Years of Failure

  title={Colorado Benefits Management System (C): Seven Years of Failure},
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Information and Communication Technologies for Development: 16th IFIP WG 9.4 International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries, ICT4D 2020, Manchester, UK, June 10–11, 2020, Proceedings
Two sub-linkages, centred respectively on platforms’ openness and modularity, are conceptualised and illustrated with examples from empirical research, and have implications for the emerging literature on digital platforms for development, and for theorising platforms in the context of information systems and societal challenges. Expand
Impact of Risk Management and Benefits Management on Project Success with the Moderating Role of Effective Project Governance
This study explores the influence of Risk Management (RM) and Benefits Management (BM) on Project Success (PS) with the moderating role of Effective Project Governance (EPG). This research has alsoExpand
Whose Empowerment? national digital infrastructure and India’s healthcare sector
Patient-centric digital infrastructure can potentially enhance the efficiency of the healthcare systems. Even in developed nations evidence suggests low adoption rates for such infrastructure. TheExpand
Digital Government Systems: Tackling The Legacy Problem Through A Game-Based Approach To Business Requirements Analysis
The dissertation proposes a candidate approach to deal with the legacy problem in the development of a requirements game (RE-PROVO) which supports requirements discussions structured around the themes of legacy (or heritage) preservation and innovation. Expand
The impact of project management (PM) and benefits management (BM) practices on project success: Towards developing a project benefits governance framework
Benefits management (BM) and project management (PM) are two interrelated approaches to the success of projects. The literature, however, still lacks empirical evidence of the value of applying BMExpand


Denver Boy, 9, Died After State-benefits Error Denied Him Asthma Medication
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Needy Still Suffering from Persistent Delays in State‘s Benefits System
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State Vetoes Efforts to Speed Up Aid
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State Data Systems Get Some Glue
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Technological Due Process
Distinct and complementary procedures for adjudications and rulemaking lie at the heart of twentieth-century administrative law. Due process required agencies to provide individuals notice and anExpand
Colorado Benefits Management System (B): The Emperor's New System
This case is a follow up to “Colorado Benefits Management System: Decision Time” (McCubbrey and Fukami, 2005). It chronicles the events in the two years that followed the ill-advised conversion ofExpand
Colorado Benefits Management System: Decision Time
The project to develop the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) was begun with high hopes and the best of intentions, but the project was troubled from the start. Expand