Color standards and color nomenclature

  title={Color standards and color nomenclature},
  author={Robert H. Ridgway}
A new species of Eptesicus (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from Argentina
A new species of bat is described, based on specimens collected from La Rioja Province, and one specimen from Mendoza Province, Argentina, deposited in a museum collection, that can be distinguished from other congeners by its golden to yellowish-brown coloration, strong contrast between dorsal and ventral fur color, and relatively short dorsal fur. Expand
Fungal Planet description sheets: 400–468
Novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from Australia: Vermiculariopsiella eucalypti, Mulderomyces natalis, Fusicladium paraamoenum, Neotrimmatostroma paraexcentricum, and Pseudophloeospora eUCalyptorum. Expand
Melampsoropsis elaeocarpii sp, nov. on Elaeocarpus sp. from India
The Uredinales are divided into fourteen families amongst which Melampsoropsis (Schroet) belongs to Coleosporaceae, an heteroecious rust having pycnidial, aecial and telial stages on Picea and Uredial. Expand
Redescription of Clitocybe umbrinopurpurascens (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) and revision of Neohygrophorus and Pseudoomphalina
The morphological and molecular revision of other Pseudoomphalina species did not provide evidence supporting the placement of Agaricus pachyphyllus in Pseudomphalina, or any other of the allied genera, therefore, the new genus Pseudolaccaria is introduced. Expand
Four New Species Records of Umbelopsis (Mucoromycotina) from China
Four species of Umbelopsis newly found in China, that is, U. angularis, U. dimorpha, U. nana, and U. versiformis, are reported in this paper. Descriptions and illustrations are provided for each ofExpand
Reappraisal of koepcke's screech owl megascops koepckeae and description of a new subspecies
—Little empirical evidence has ever been presented to justify the taxonomic ranking of Koepcke’s Screech Owl Megascops koepckeae. We summarise current knowledge of its distribution and ecology, andExpand
A revision of the genus Arbelodes Karsch (Lepidoptera: Cossoidea: Metarbelidae) from southeast-central and southern Africa with the description of thirteen new species
The genus Arbelodes Karsch (1896) is presented, currently comprising 22 species, from southeast-central and southern Africa. This genus is found to be centred in southern Africa, with the highestExpand
New species of Akodon (Rodentia: Cricetidae: Sigmodontinae) from central Argentina
This species is relevant to the insular biogeography of the Sierras Centrales, the uniqueness of the ecoregion, and the level of plant and animal endemism in isolated montane regions of central Argentina. Expand
Penicillium parvulum and Penicillium georgiense, sp. nov., isolated from the conidial heads of Aspergillus species
Two new Penicillium species were isolated from peanut-field soils in Georgia and additional loci were sequenced (beta-tubulin and calmodulin) for these and some other closely related species to establish the status of the species through genealogical concordance. Expand
Powelliphanta augusta, a new species of land snail, with a description of its former habitat, Stockton coal plateau, New Zealand
Differences in the shell morphology of P. augusta, its closest phylogenetic relative P. lignaria, and its closest geographic neighbour P. patrickensis were investigated using principal components analysis. Expand