Color plates to help identify patients with blue cone monochromatism.

  title={Color plates to help identify patients with blue cone monochromatism.},
  author={Eliot L. Berson and Michael A. Sandberg and Bernard Rosner and Preston Sullivan},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={95 6},
A new color vision test distinguishes patients with X-chromosome-linked blue cone monochromatism from those with autosomal recessive rod monochromatism. The test consists of two instructional and four test plates. Each test plate has three identical blue-green arrows and one purple-blue arrow; test plates differ from one another only with respect to the chroma of the purple-blue arrow. All five patients with blue cone monochromatism, aged 5 to 31 years, easily distinguished the purple-blue… CONTINUE READING


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