Color-kinematics duality for pure Yang-Mills and gravity at one and two loops

  title={Color-kinematics duality for pure Yang-Mills and gravity at one and two loops},
  author={Zvi Bern and Scott Davies and Tristan Dennen and Yu-tin Huang and Josh Nohle},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We provide evidence in favor of the conjectured duality between color and kinematics for the case of nonsupersymmetric pure Yang-Mills amplitudes by constructing a form of the one-loop four-point amplitude of this theory that makes the duality manifest. Our construction is valid in any dimension. We also describe a duality-satisfying representation for the two-loop four-point amplitude with identical four-dimensional external helicities. We use these results to obtain corresponding gravity… 

Color-kinematics duality for Sudakov form factor in non-supersymmetric pure Yang–Mills theory

We study the duality between color and kinematics for the Sudakov form factors of tr(F2) in non-supersymmetric pure Yang-Mills theory. We construct the integrands that manifest the color-kinematics

Pure gravities via color-kinematics duality for fundamental matter

A bstractWe give a prescription for the computation of loop-level scattering amplitudes in pure Einstein gravity, and four-dimensional pure supergravities, using the color-kinematics duality.

Conformal Gravity from Gauge Theory

We use the duality between color and kinematics to obtain scattering amplitudes in non-minimal conformal N=0,1,2,4 (super)gravity theories. Generic tree amplitudes can be constructed from a double

Two-loop scattering amplitudes: double-forward limit and colour-kinematics duality

Abstract We propose new formulae for the two-loop n-point D-dimensional integrands of scattering amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory and gravity. The loop integrands are written as a double-forward

One-loop amplitudes for N = 2 homogeneous supergravities

We compute one-loop matter amplitudes in homogeneous Maxwell-Einstein supergravities with N = 2 supersymmetry using the double-copy construction. We start from amplitudes of N = 2 super-Yang-Mills

Color-kinematics duality, double copy and the unitarity method for higher-derivative QCD and quadratic gravity

  • G. Menezes
  • Physics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2022
Abstract Here we discuss color-kinematics duality for higher-derivative QCD-like amplitudes. We explicitly show that the duality still holds in this case and it can be instrumental in constructing

Gluons and gravitons at one loop from ambitwistor strings

A bstractWe present new and explicit formulae for the one-loop integrands of scattering amplitudes in non-supersymmetric gauge theory and gravity, valid for any number of particles. The results

Positive helicity Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes from the double copy method

All positive helicity four-point gluon-graviton amplitudes in Einstein-Yang-Mills theory coupled to a dilaton and axion field are computed at the leading one-loop order using colour-kinematics

Color-kinematics duality and dimensional reduction for graviton emission in Regge limit

In this talk we review the work in [1, 2, 3] where we have studied the applicability of the color-kinematics duality to the scattering of two distinguishable scalar matter particles with one gluon




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