Color Image Profile Comparison and Computing

  title={Color Image Profile Comparison and Computing},
  author={I. El-Zakhem and A. A. Younes and I. Truck and H. Greige and H. Akdag},
A guide drum comprises a stationary drum having a tape guide for guiding a magnetic tape along a predetermined tape path and a rotary drum rotatably provided with respect to the stationary drum. The rotary drum has at least one magnetic head for recording and/or reproducing a signal on and/or from the magnetic tape which is wrapped spirally around an outer peripheral surface of the guide drum over a predetermined angular range. The guide drum comprises first and second tapered parts which are… Expand
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Profiling User Color Perception for Image Retrieving
A dynamic construction of the user profile is developed that will increase his satisfaction by being more personalized and accommodated to his particular needs and recalculate the amount of colors in the image based on another set of parameters, so the colorimetric profile of the image is being modified accordingly. Expand
Calculs à l'aide de mots : vers un emploi de termes linguistiques de bout en bout dans la chaîne du raisonnement
Notre travail s'est d'abord fonde sur the modulation, preservant la simplicite d'un espace de variables linguistiques de cardinalite assez faible mais sur lequel un large eventail de nuances peut etre applique. Expand


Color Correction Judgements of Digital Images by Experts and Naive Observers
The preference judgement of pictorial images with two types of population: image experts and naive observers is studied, which results suggest that both experts and naives focus on parts if no memory colors are associated. Expand
Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Representation of Colors
A classification based on the dominant color(s) of the images is proposed, and the fuzzy representation of Hue, Lightness and Saturation is re-define, according to his own perception. Expand
A Region-Similarity-Based Image Retrieval System
An image retrieval system that is based on a segmented representation of the visual content that leads to a comparison of the image content that is more ”semantic” than a classical global comparison. Expand
Supervised learning using modifiers: application in colorimetrics
A method for a learning process that is applied to a colorimetric application and employs the notions of mathematical composition and inverse to memorize the meaning of the linguistic expressions according to a learning done thanks to the user. Expand
A Region-Based Fuzzy Feature Matching Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval
A fuzzy logic approach, UFM (unified feature matching), for region-based image retrieval, which greatly reduces the influence of inaccurate segmentation and provides a very intuitive quantification. Expand
A model based on lingustic two-tuples for dealing with multigranularity hierarchical linguistic contexts in multiexpert decisionmaking
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Cie international lighting vocabulary
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