Color Image Processing and Applications

  title={Color Image Processing and Applications},
  author={Konstantinos N. Plataniotis and Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos},
This book claims to fill a niche in the provision of textbooks devoted to image processing by being devoted to colour aspects. It is aimed at researchers and practitioners working in the area of colour image processing, particularly graduates in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. The book is structured in such a way that, after reading an introductory chapter on colour, readers can work their way through the following four chapters on image processing, or omit them and… Expand
Color reduction for complex document images
Experimental results prove the method's capability of producing correctly segmented complex color documents where the character elements can be easily extracted as connected components. Expand
Image coloring Techniques and Applications
This thesis presents a new proposal for a system that works on coloring the old movies automatically, and three proposed colorization applications are proposed; Automatic Movie Colorization System, Color Image Encoding System Using HSI Space Embedding System and Color image encoding System Using Morphological Decolorization. Expand
Color in Image and Video Processing: Most Recent Trends and Future Research Directions
The most recent trends as well as the state-of-the-art, with a broad survey of the relevant literature, in the main active research areas in color imaging. Expand
Fast image colourisation using the isolines concept
A novel concept of grayscale image colourisation is introduced, which is based on the idea of isolines, that is straightforward, easy to implement, computationally efficient and it allows a very high colourisation quality to be obtained. Expand
An Adaptive Color Similarity Function for Color Image Segmentation
An interactive, semiautomatic image segmentation method which processes the color information of each pixel as a unit, thus avoiding color information scattering, and has also good performance in gray level and low contrast images. Expand
An Efficient Algorithm based on Modularity Optimization
An awareness to hinge on the tedious arrangements in a homogeneous area based on the histogram of positions of image gradients and link of two regions can be done with the color feature and over-segmentation problem can be meritoriously eluded by creating the comparison matrix. Expand
Color Image Segmentation by Means of a Similarity Function
An interactive, semiautomatic image segmentation method is presented which, unlike most of the existing methods in the published literature, processes the color information of each pixel as a unit,Expand
A model based on local graphs for colour images and its application for Gaussian noise smoothing
A hybrid filter for colour image smoothing is designed that combines a filter able to properly process flat image regions with another one that is more appropriate for details and texture and is competitive with respect to state-of-the-art methods. Expand
Optimization based methods for image segmentation and image tone mapping
The tone mapping operator combines the two subproblems in the tone mapping problem, i.e. luminance compression and color rendering, into one general framework and the experimental results show the advantage of the proposed method compared to other recent methods. Expand
Grain Reduction in Scanned Image Sequences under Time Constraints
This thesis is about improving the image quality of image sequences scanned by the film scanner GoldenEye by implementing a few known image enhancement methods and suggesting a few speed up ideas. Expand