Color Doppler imaging of the hepatic vasculature.

  title={Color Doppler imaging of the hepatic vasculature.},
  author={Edward G. Grant and Vicki L. Schiller and P B Millener and Franklin N. Tessler and Rita Perrella and Nagesh Ragavendra and Ronald W Busuttil},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={159 5},
Duplex sonography added a new dimension to real-time sonographic imaging and can be used to characterize flow dynamics. Unfortunately, duplex sonography also has significant drawbacks, most of which are the result of the limited sampling ability of pulse-gated technology and the inability to provide a global display of Doppler information. Sonographic imaging of intraabdominal vessels has improved markedly with the advent of color Doppler techniques. This article reviews the use of color… CONTINUE READING

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