Color Doppler imaging in the management of intraocular tumors.

  title={Color Doppler imaging in the management of intraocular tumors.},
  author={Wolfgang Ernst Lieb and Jerry A. Shields and Steven Myles Cohen and Daniel A. Merton and Donald G. Mitchell and Carol L Shields and Barry B. Goldberg},
  volume={97 12},
Forty-four intraocular mass lesions were studied using a new, non-invasive ultrasound technique known as color Doppler imaging (CDI). This technique displays color-encoded Doppler flow information throughout a two-dimensional gray scale image thus providing selective analysis of Doppler spectra in small vessels using pulsed Doppler. Abnormal Doppler shifts were demonstrated within 39 neoplastic lesions studied, but Doppler shifts could not be detected in three tumor-simulating lesions. In a… CONTINUE READING

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