Color, betalain pattern, and antioxidant properties of cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) clones.

  title={Color, betalain pattern, and antioxidant properties of cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) clones.},
  author={Florian Conrad Stintzing and Kirsten M Herbach and Markus R. Mo\sshammer and Reinhold Carle and Weiguang Yi and Subramani Sellappan and Casimir C Akoh and R. S. Bunch and Peter Felker},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={53 2},
Total phenolics, ascorbic acid, and betalain contents of differently colored cactus pear clones (nine Opuntia ficus-indica [L.] Mill. clones and one O. robusta Wendl. clone) were investigated and related to their respective antioxidant potential assessed by Trolox-equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC) and oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) assays. TEAC and ORAC values were very highly correlated with each other and also with values for total phenolics, betalain contents, and ascorbic… CONTINUE READING
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