Colony Over-the-Rhine

  title={Colony Over-the-Rhine},
  author={Thomas A. Dutton},
  journal={The Black Scholar},
  pages={14 - 27}
It is by discursively constructing populations and their spaces as racialized that mainstream white institutions in the city legitimate the removal and colonizing of the inner city. In many ways, the equating of the urban with “race” has allowed while mainstream institutions to define “urban problems “—single-parent households, violence, poverty, joblessness, drugs—as the problem of race, and therefore the problem of blacks. In doing this, black spaces in the city are represented as “spaces of… 
Back Story to the Neoliberal Moment
In scholarship on race and housing, Black poverty is used to explain the overrepresentation of African Americans in substandard housing. This practice has masked how many African Americans were
After Gentrification: Social Mix, Settler Colonialism, and Cruel Optimism in the Transformation of Neighbourhood Space
Social mix policies have emerged as a prominent mechanism to legitimate neighbourhood redevelopment efforts across the US. Despite integrationist rhetoric, results often disabuse marginalised
The Raced–Space of Gentrification: “Reverse Blockbusting,” Home Selling, and Neighborhood Remake in North Nashville
Proponents of gentrification often use some rendition of a “rising tide lifts all boats” justification when assessing the impact that gentrification has on original residents in a gentrifying area.
Saving Each Other: Using Historic Preservation as a Tool for Therapeutic City Planning
Therapeutic, or reparative, planning is city planning that focuses on reestablishing trust and good will with communities historically marginalized by planning in order to better serve them as the
Guest Editors' Introduction: Policy Assumptions and Lived Realities of Mixed- Income Housing on Both Sides of the Atlantic
IntroductionDuring the past several decades, a number of housing programs sought to create mixed-income housing and neighborhoods in the United States and Europe to negate the effects of concentrated


Race, Culture, and the City: A Pedagogy for Black Urban Struggle
Race, Culture, and the City: A Pedagogy for Black Urban Struggle, by Stephen Nathan Haymes. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995. 167 pp. $12.95, paper. Reviewed by Larry L. Rowley,
When Work Disappears
For the first time in the twentieth century most adults in many innercity ghetto neighborhoods are not working in a typical week. The disappearance of work has adversely affected not only
Economic aspects of the black internal colony
ConclusionThis paper is intended to clarify some questions that are essential to the black struggle for liberation. Its major aim is to suggest a more effective framework for the analysis of the
Neo-liberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy
For the American Left, the wake of 9/11, the War on Terrorism, practices of "homeland security," and the recent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq together produce a complex set of questions about
Reassessing the Internal (Neo) Colonialism Theory
At the beginning of 1965, Malcolm was building the Organization of Afro-American Unity and establishing international contacts, especially in Africa and the Middle East. He had adopted a socialist
Gentrification in a Global Context: The New Urban Colonialism
The new urban colonialism / Rowland Atkinson and Gary Bridge -- Mapping neoliberal American urbanism / Elvin K. Wyly and Daniel J. Hammel -- From social mix to the politics of distance : urban policy
New Globalism, New Urbanism: Gentrification as Global Urban Strategy
This paper uses several events in New York in the late 1990s to launch two central arguments about the changing relationship between neoliberal urbanism and so–called globalization. First, much as
Between Fear and Hope: Globalization and Race in the United States
This book examines globalization and the search for Racial Justice in the United States through the lens of race, class, and the Civil Rights Movement from 1945 to 1975.
Fear of small numbers : an essay on the geography of anger
Preface ix 1. From Ethnocide to Ideocide 1 2. The Civilization of Clashes 15 3. Globalization and Violence 35 4. Fear of Small Numbers 49 5. Our Terrorists, Ourselves 87 6. Grassroots Globalization
The Black Panthers Speak
The first and only collection of the most vital writings of the Black Panther Party.. For over three decades, The Black Panthers Speak has represented the most important single source of original