Colonic volvulus. The Army Medical Center experience 1983-1987.

  title={Colonic volvulus. The Army Medical Center experience 1983-1987.},
  author={Dan Geer and Ga{\"e}lle Arnaud and Alan L Beitler and John Holcomb and Jack Homan and Laura R. James and David J. Martin and E B McWhirt and Pietro Napoli},
  journal={The American surgeon},
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Colonic volvulus was first described in 1836 by von Rokitansky. The condition has been a formidable one, fraught with innumerable complications responsible for many deaths. Even with advances in surgical technology, mortalities have remained high. Often the diagnosis is delayed for hours or even days after presentation, and serious concomitant systemic diseases are often present. Treatment has been controversial, particularly the role of elective resection following successful nonoperative… CONTINUE READING