Colonic surgery. The splenic connection.

  title={Colonic surgery. The splenic connection.},
  author={Roberto E. Kusminsky and Les Perry and R O Rushden and Sebasti{\'a}n Adolfo Z{\'u}{\~n}iga Medina and James Boland},
  journal={Diseases of the colon and rectum},
  volume={27 1},
Colonic resections, particularly those that require mobilization of the splenic flexure, occasionally will lead to injury of the spleen. Under these circumstances, the abdominal surgeon has traditionally considered incidental splenectomy to be the only safe alternative. Currently, a better understanding of splenic physiology and its role in sepsis prevention has reversed this trend. These efforts to preserve splenic function have resulted in various options available to the surgeon, herein… CONTINUE READING