Colonic motility in ulcerative colitis.


BACKGROUND Inflammatory conditions affecting the gut may cause motility disturbances, and ulcerative colitis - one of the main disorders among the inflammatory bowel diseases - may display abnormal colonic motility. AIM To review the abnormalities of the large bowel in ulcerative colitis, by considering the motility, laboratory (in vitro) and pathological… (More)
DOI: 10.1177/2050640614548096



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@article{Bassotti2014ColonicMI, title={Colonic motility in ulcerative colitis.}, author={Gabrio Bassotti and Elisabetta Antonelli and Vincenzo Villanacci and Monia Baldoni and Maria Pina Dore}, journal={United European gastroenterology journal}, year={2014}, volume={2 6}, pages={457-62} }