Colonic anastomotic leak: risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.

  title={Colonic anastomotic leak: risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment.},
  author={T. Peter Kingham and Hersch Leon Pachter},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Surgeons},
  volume={208 2},
P O s v l l i b t t r t a V s w o nastomotic dehiscence is one of the most dreaded comlications of operations of the large intestine. Breakdown f an anastomosis results in increased morbidity and morality and adversely affects length of stay, cost, and cancer ecurrence. Reported rates of anastomotic dehiscence vary etween 1% and 30%, although experienced colorectal urgeons often quote 3% to 6% as an acceptable overall eakage rate(Table 1). Despite a paucity of prospective andomized data… CONTINUE READING


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