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Colonialism from a European perspective

  title={Colonialism from a European perspective},
  author={Alexandre Koj{\`e}ve},
Publication du texte de la conference donnee par A. Kojeve en 1957 a Dusseldorf, sur l'invitation de C. Schmitt. Developpant une approche economique du colonialisme et du capitalisme, l'A. examine les relations commerciales entre les Etats-Unis, la France et le monde mediterraneen, et defend le partage des richesses et des moyens de productions entre les regions. 

The gift as colonial ideology? Marcel Mauss and the solidarist colonial policy in the interwar era

Marcel Mauss published his essay The Gift (1925) in the context of debates about the European sovereign debt crises and the economic growth experienced by the colonies. This article traces the

The Cast

Chapter 1 establishes the American political and mercantile environment into which the Chinese woman Afong Moy was thrust when she arrived in 1834. It explores the lives and the economic motivations


This essay examines the French reception of the Carl Schmitt's thought, specifically its Hegelian strand. Beginning with the early readings of Schmitt's thought by Alexandre Kojève and Georges

Kojeve's letter to Stalin

The philosophical œuvre of Alexandre Kojève is often considered to consist of an eclectic and distorted Marxist–Heideggerian interpretation of Hegel. More recent biographical studies claim that his

Gift-giving and reciprocity in global society: Introducing Marcel Mauss in international studies

How do multiple obligations to give, to receive, and to reciprocate contribute to the evolution of international society? This question can be derived from the works of the French anthropologist and

The Jewish Verfassung, the Israeli nomos: the constitutional situation of the beginnings of the State of Israel in the context of Carl Schmitt's political and legal philosophy

Abstract The paper is an attempt to examine how Carl Schmitt's constitutional theory can be useful to analyse the Constitution of the State of Israel designed in the late 1940s – the impact of which

Toxic Criminalities in Francoist Spain: The Making of a European Dictatorship

Toxic Criminalities in Francoist Spain: The Making of a European Dictatorship Ibai Atutxa This dissertation investigates the transformation undergone by the Francoist dictatorship (1939-1978) in

Gift Exchange

250 | Tsantsa #26 | 2021 easily accessed and travelled by researchers. Photographs, maps, and comprehensive tables depicting quantitative data on cater­ pillar fungus pricing, ownership of livestock,


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The Giftas Colonial Ideology

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