Colonial Origins of the Algerian-Moroccan Border Conflict of October 1963

  title={Colonial Origins of the Algerian-Moroccan Border Conflict of October 1963},
  author={Alf Andrew Heggoy},
  journal={African Studies Review},
  pages={17 - 22}
  • A. A. Heggoy
  • Published 1 April 1970
  • History
  • African Studies Review
The newly independent nations of the Maghrib inherited many political problems from their former imperial ruler. Of these, the question of frontiers was potentially the most explosive. The Algerian-Moroccan hostilities in the fall of 1963 provided clear evidence of this fact. Another territorial dispute pitted Tunisia against Algeria in a diplomatic crisis. In each case, the government in Algiers disputed claims based on the historic rights of Morocco and Tunisia. In contradiction to the… 
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