Colon cancer stem cells resist antiangiogenesis therapy-induced apoptosis.

  title={Colon cancer stem cells resist antiangiogenesis therapy-induced apoptosis.},
  author={Shih-Pei Lin and Yi-Ting Lee and Shung-Haur Yang and Stephanie A. Miller and Shih-Hwa Chiou and M -C Hung and S. -Y. Hung},
  journal={Cancer letters},
  volume={328 2},
Antiangiogenesis is an efficient therapy for eliminating colon cancers, but because of recurrence it remains only palliative. We hypothesized that certain populations of tumor cells resist antiangiogenesis-induced apoptosis and explored the underlying mechanism. We demonstrated that the CD133(+) population of cells in colon cancer is resistant to anti-angiogenesis therapy. Additionally, we identified an anti-apoptotic signaling pathway responsible for this resistance involving PP2A, p38MAPK… CONTINUE READING