Colloquium: Quantum interference of clusters and molecules

  title={Colloquium: Quantum interference of clusters and molecules},
  author={K. Hornberger and Stefan Gerlich and P. Haslinger and S. Nimmrichter and M. Arndt},
  journal={Reviews of Modern Physics},
  • K. Hornberger, Stefan Gerlich, +2 authors M. Arndt
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • Reviews of Modern Physics
  • We review recent progress and future prospects of matter wave interferometry with complex organic molecules and inorganic clusters. Three variants of a near-field interference effect, based on diffraction by material nanostructures, at optical phase gratings, and at ionizing laser fields are considered. We discuss the theoretical concepts underlying these experiments and the experimental challenges. This includes optimizing interferometer designs as well as understanding the role of decoherence… CONTINUE READING
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