Colloidal quantum dots in high-Q pillar microcavities

  title={Colloidal quantum dots in high-Q pillar microcavities},
  author={Matthias Kahl and Tim O. Thomay and Verena Kohnle and Katja Beha and J{\"o}rg Merlein and Matthias Hagner and Andreas Halm and Alfred Leitenstorfer and Rudolf Bratschitsch and J. Ziegler and Thomas Nann and Yuri Fedutik and Mikhail Artemyev and Ulrike Langbein Woggon and Fabi{\'a}n P{\'e}rez-Willard},
  journal={2007 Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference},
We have fabricated high-Q pillar resonators with colloidal CdSe/ZnS quantum dots or rods as light emitters by focused ion beam milling. Cavities with elliptical cross section show higher Q-values compared to circular resonators.