Colloidal processing of sub-micron alumina powder compacts

  title={Colloidal processing of sub-micron alumina powder compacts},
  author={Leong-Chew Lim and Poh Mun Wong and Jiao-cheng Ma},
  • Leong-Chew Lim, Poh Mun Wong, Jiao-cheng Ma
  • Published 1997
  • Materials Science
  • Abstract This study investigates the compaction and sintering characteristics of narrow-size-distributed sub-micron alumina powder compacts. Near-mono-sized powder with a mean particle size of 0.18 μm was processed colloidally and then compacted by either centrifuging or slip casting. Green densities comparable to that of dense random compacts of equal-sized spheres were obtained over the range of suspension concentrations and compacting conditions explored. The resultant compacts had a uniform… CONTINUE READING

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