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Collisional EPR Frequency Shifts in Cs-Rb-Xe Mixtures

  title={Collisional EPR Frequency Shifts in Cs-Rb-Xe Mixtures},
  author={Shengli Zou and Chamithri Adikarige and Zahra Armanfard and Trevor Foote and David P. Morin and B. Saam},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Physical Society},
We report a measurement of the ratio of dimensionless enhancement factors κ 0 for Cs- 129 Xe and Rb- 129 Xe in the temperature range 115 − 140 ◦ C; both pairs are used in spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP) to produce hyperpolarized 129 Xe. κ 0 characterizes the amplification of the 129 Xe magnetization contribution to the alkali-metal electronic effective field, compared to the case of a uniform continuous medium in classical magnetostatics. The measurement was carried out in “hybrid” vapor… 

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Rubidium 87 D Line Data

In this reference we present many of the physical and optical properties of Rb that are relevant to various quantum optics experiments. In particular, we give parameters that are useful in treating

Rubidium 85 D Line Data,” available online at http://steck.us/alkalidata

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