Collision of Timelike Shells in Spherically Symmetric Spacetime

  title={Collision of Timelike Shells in Spherically Symmetric Spacetime},
  author={Daisuke Ida},
  journal={Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement},
  • D. Ida
  • Published 1 May 1999
  • Physics
  • Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement
The spacetime representing a collision of two time-like shells is studied. This spacetime is constructed by 'cutting and pasting' four distinct Reissner-NordstrSitter spacetimes. The junction condition is uniquely determined under the condition that the two colliding shells are transparent. In the limit of the collision of two neutral null shells, the junction condition reduces to the Dray-'tHooft-Redmount (DTR) relation. The collision near the horizon is also investigated, and it is shown that… 
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