Collision-induced fragmentation of underivatized N-linked carbohydrates ionized by electrospray.

  title={Collision-induced fragmentation of underivatized N-linked carbohydrates ionized by electrospray.},
  author={David J. Harvey},
  journal={Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS},
  volume={35 10},
The electrospray mass spectra and collision-induced fragmentation of neutral N-linked glycans obtained from glycoproteins were examined with a Q-TOF mass spectrometer. The glycans were ionized most effectively as adducts of alkali metals, with lithium providing the most abundant signal and caesium the least. Singly charged ions generally gave higher ion currents than doubly charged ions. Addition of formic acid could be used to produce [M + H]+ ions, but these ions were always accompanied by… CONTINUE READING

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