author={Steve Collins},
  journal={Veterinary Record},
  pages={984 - 984}
  • S. Collins
  • Published 17 December 2010
  • Veterinary Record
Four combinations of litter and carcasses from broiler chickens were examined utilizing a thermophilic, stirredtank digester of demonstration size of approximately 10,000 gal. Under computed optimal loading rates, litter with paper bedding had the highest daily production of methane over an 8-day retention period. The greatest methane production per lb of volatile solids was achieved over 10 days with litter and paper bedding combined with carcasses. This research found that sufficient poultry… Expand
The effects of biochar addition on phosphorus transfer and water utilization efficiency in a vegetable field in Northeast China
Abstract The excessive application of fertilizer has become a serious problem for vegetable farming in China and aggravates agricultural non-point pollution. As a soil amendment, biochar has obtainedExpand
Carbohydrate–PNA and Aptamer–PNA Conjugates for the Spatial Screening of Lectins and Lectin Assemblies
A DNA‐programmed spatial screening to characterize two functionally distinct receptor systems and revealed that two appropriately presented LacNAc ligands suffice to provide unprecedented RCA120 affinity revealed that leukocytes permit dense clustering of L‐selectin. Expand
Secondary electron emission (SEE) from solids plays an important role in many areas of science and technol ogy. In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the experimental and theoreticalExpand
The Long-Run Effect of Public Libraries on Children: Evidence from the Early 1900s
Between 1890 and 1921, Andrew Carnegie funded the construction of 1,618 public libraries in cities and towns across the United States. I link these library construction grants to census data andExpand
Measurements of the work function of single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulated by AgI, AgCl, and CuBr using kelvin probe technique with different kinds of probes
We report the results on the measurements of the work function of single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulated by Agl (AgI@SWCNT), AgCl (AgCl@SWCNT), and CuBr (CuBr@SWCNT) by the local Kelvin probeExpand
Bis(dipyridophenazine)(2‐(2′‐pyridyl)pyrimidine‐4‐carboxylic acid)ruthenium(II) Hexafluorophosphate: A Lesson in Stubbornness
The results of this important structure–activity relationship strongly support the initial hypothesis that accumulation in mitochondria is crucial for 1 to exert its cytotoxic action. Expand
Cellular mechanism of cardiac alternans: an unresolved chicken or egg problem
This review focuses on the roles of action potential duration (APD) restitution and Ca2+ handling dynamics in the genesis of alternans and shows how the theoretical analysis combined with experimental techniques has provided a new insight into the cellular mechanism of alternan. Expand
Delegates Vote Drive for 40 ' Hour W e e k With No Pay Reduction in Institutions ^ Reject Optional 40 Hours at Straight Time
ALBANY, Dec. 14 — One h u n dred representat ives of ins t i tu t ional New York S ta t e employees ins t ruc ted the i r organizat ion to make an all-out endeavor for t he 40-hour week wi thout anyExpand
AHP-Based Conceptual Model for Selection of Key Elements for Safety Culture Using SMART Criteria
Despite very intense research, lots of efforts are focused on discovering what safety culture really is and what key elements make up a safety culture. However, there still remains very littleExpand
Longitudinal Spin Transfer to $\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda}$ Hyperons Produced in Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 200$ GeV
Author(s): Cendejas, Ramon | Advisor(s): Cendejas, Ramon | Abstract: Studies on the spin structure of the proton have been an active area of research; after the EMC experiment and subsequentExpand


Management and Operation of a Full-Scale Poultry Waste Digester
Abstract A full-scale (587 m3) poultry anaerobic digester was monitored for 3 years. The digester processes the manure from 70,000 caged layers and is operated on a 22-day retention time at 35 C.Expand
Methane Gas from High Solids Digestion of Poultry Manure and Wheat Straw
Abstract An investigation was conducted for 15 months to assess the potential for methane production from high solids slurries consisting of manure from laying chickens combined with 0, 20, 40, andExpand
Methane Production From Waste Organic Matter
The primary emphasis of this reference book is the application of anaerobic digestion to produce methane gas from several types of waste organic matter. The text begins with an introduction ofExpand
Methane gas production is a function of volatile solids activity in anaerobic digesters. Increasing the solids retention time of the swine manure digester system without increasing the hydraulicExpand
A Capital Budgeting Analysis of Electricity Generation on Egg Farms
This paper analyzes the economnic feasibility of an investment designed to digest anaerobically cage layer manure and convert biogas into electricity which is sold to a public utility. A simulationExpand
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
European scale harmonized monitoring of atmospheric composition was initiated in the early 1970s, and the activity has generated a comprehensive dataset (available at whichExpand
Innovative approach for estimating fugitive gaseous fluxes using computed tomography and remote optical sensing techniques.
  • R. Hashmonay, M. Yost
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
  • 1999
This paper presents a new approach to quantify emissions from fugitive gaseous air pollution sources that combines Computed Tomography with Path-Integrated Optical Remote Sensing concentration data in a new field beam geometry and is found to be robust for the simulated errors and for a wide range of fluctuating wind directions. Expand
The Future of Ideas
Toward a Fair Use Standard
Random distribution has dealt me a generous share of copyright suits involving claims of fair use. The court of appeals' disagreement with two of my decisions' provoked some rethinking, whichExpand
Contributions of the working alliance in the practice of career counseling.
Recently a number of arguments articulated many similarities in the processes of what is termed personal counseling and what is called career counseling (cf. e.g., Hackett, 1991; Krumboltz, 1991;Expand