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Collemboles Poduromorpha de Nouvelle-Calédonie. Willemia neocaledonica n. sp. (Hypogastruridae)

  title={Collemboles Poduromorpha de Nouvelle-Cal{\'e}donie. Willemia neocaledonica n. sp. (Hypogastruridae)},
  author={Wanda Weimer},
Two new genera and five new species of Tullbergiidae (Collembola) from the southern Appalachian Mountains of North America, with redescription of Tullbergia clavata Mills.
Two new genera and five new species of Tullbergiidae (Collembola) are described from the North American Appalachian zone in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Ameritulla n. gen. isExpand
New species of Pseudachorutes (Collembola: Neanuridae) from Northeastern Algeria.
Three new species of Pseudachorutes are described from the Collo massif in northeastern Algeria, all three with morphological features unique or rare in the genus. P. deficiens sp. nov. lacks chaetaExpand
Springtail diversity in the Cape floristic region
A new species of Delamarephorura Weiner & Najt, 1999 (Collembola, Tullbergiidae) from Cape Province (South Africa)
A new species of the genus Delamarephorura of the Tullbergiinae from Cape Province (South Africa) is described and illustrated. Expand
Researchon NewCaledonianterrestrialfauna: achievementsandprospects
This paper summarizes what is known about the New Caledonian terrestrial fauna and discusses opinions on its nature and origins. An overview of relations with neighbouring areas points out links withExpand
A review of Willemia buddenbrocki-group (Collembola, Poduromorpha, Hypogastruridae) with cladistic analysis
The authors describe three new species of Collembola belonging to the genus Willemia, one found in Thailand and New Caledonia, and the other two in Nepal. Redescriptions of W. nadchatrami Yosii, 1959Expand
Caractères de la faune de quelques milieux naturels sur sols ultramafiques en Nouvelle-Calédonie
Resume En Nouvelle-Caledonie, les particularites de la faune des milieux sur sols ultramafiques se traduisent par un endemisme local aux niveaux specifique et generique. D c grandes differences sontExpand