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Collema paramense , sp . nova , with notes on Collema in the High Andes

  title={Collema paramense , sp . nova , with notes on Collema in the High Andes},
  author={Msugh Felix Per and J{\o}rgensen and Zden and Palice},
A terricolous species in the lichen genus Collema is described from c. 4000 m altitude in the paramos of northern Ecuador. It appears to belong in the north-western Andean element and to be a vicariant of the arctic-alpine Collema ceraniscum which has a similar ecology. The rarity of the genus in the Andes is pointed out, for which there is no obvious reason. However, some new records from Ecuador are added: C. fasciculare (found at c. 4300 m, its highest recorded locality) and C. tenax s.lat… 

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  • 1992
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