College Dating and Social Anxiety: Using the Internet as a Means of Connecting to Others

  title={College Dating and Social Anxiety: Using the Internet as a Means of Connecting to Others},
  author={Sarah Stevens and Tracy L. Morris},
  journal={Cyberpsychology \& behavior : the impact of the Internet, multimedia and virtual reality on behavior and society},
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  • Sarah Stevens, T. Morris
  • Published 10 October 2007
  • Psychology, Computer Science, Medicine
  • Cyberpsychology & behavior : the impact of the Internet, multimedia and virtual reality on behavior and society
With the advent and widespread use of the Internet, various online media are being used to connect and maintain social relationships in individuals of all ages. Social relationships are vital to healthy development, and individuals with social and/or dating anxiety may have marked difficulty in establishing appropriate, supportive relationships because of fear of negative evaluation by others. For these individuals, the Internet may open avenues of communication and provide an outlet through… Expand
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The relationships between ICT use and life quality among children with social phobia
  • C. Chiao, C. Chiu
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • 2016 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE)
  • 2016
The results show that the most frequent uses of ICT by these socially phobic students were for communication and entertainment, and positive relationships were confirmed between ICT use and the psychological and social relationship aspects of life quality. Expand
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