Collective Effects in Lepton Ring of ERHIC

  title={Collective Effects in Lepton Ring of ERHIC},
  author={D. Wang and Mina Farkhondeh and Jan van der Laan and Ch. Tschalaer and Fuqiang Wang and Akbar Zolfaghari and T. W. de Zwart and Michael Blaskiewicz and Y. Luo and L. Wang},
  journal={Proceedings of the 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference},
The lepton ring of eRHIC is being designed to provide intense, highly polarized electron and positron beams at 5-10 GeV energy range for the high luminosity lepton-hadron collisions. In this paper the estimates of major beam instabilities in the lepton storage ring are presented. Besides conventional impedance-driven instablities the fast beam-ion… CONTINUE READING