Collecting Manuscripts and Printed Books in the Late Renaissance: Naudé and the Last Duke of Urbino's Library

  title={Collecting Manuscripts and Printed Books in the Late Renaissance: Naud{\'e} and the Last Duke of Urbino's Library},
  author={Warren Boutcher},
  journal={Italian Studies},
  pages={206 - 220}
Abstract The library of the Duchy of Urbino is normally identified with the famous manuscript collection of Federico di Montefeltro, held at the Vatican. But when the duchy devolved to the papacy in 1631, the ducal library had been managed and expanded for sixty years by the last Duke of Urbino, Francesco Maria II della Rovere, and consisted of both manuscripts and printed books. This article places Francesco Maria's late Renaissance library, and its use of manuscripts, in the context of… Expand
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Historical uses of the secret chancery in early modern Venice : archiving, researching and representing the records of state
For many historians today, the consultation of archival documents is an indispensable aspect of the research underlying their work, yet little is still known of the relationship between the twoExpand


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